Strictly the Best Cleaning Services doesn’t include certain areas in our cleanings. If these services are needed you must request them. Listed are services that will be an additional fee.

  • Cleaning the inside of the Refrigerator $40.00
  • Cleaning the inside of the Oven $45.00
  • Cleaning the inside of Cabinets $40.00
  • Cleaning up Pet Hair $50.00
  • Changing Curtains $20.00 per room
  • One Load of Laundry $45.00 (sorted)
  • Sorting Laundry $25.00 an hour

Whats not included in our services:

  • Exterior windows
  • Removal of Mold
  • Removal of Pet waste
  • Cleaning of High Ceiling Fans
  • Deep Cleaning of Carpets