Lady Genius Cleaning Services, Corp. has become more aware of the health risks that are associated with the common household cleaning products. We respect all of our clients who have recently joined the trend of only using green cleaning products in their homes. The company is now providing our clients with the options of using green cleaning products which creates a safe indoor environment for families, friends, pets and our employees.

The benefits of using green products are as follows:

  • The green products protect our employees
  • The green products protect our clients
  • The green product protects your pets
  • The green product protects friends
  • The green product protects the planet


We inform our clients that green or organic products don’t kill harmful bacteria. So, we will never claim that any green products we provide has disinfectant qualities.


We would recommend that you do your first initial cleaning with regular cleaning products that can kill all harmful bacteria and follow up with green products as an upkeep procedure. The decision is yours to make.